Knives Out



12:45 PM City Centre Mirdif
1:30 PM Dubai Marina Mall
1:40 PM Dubai Marina Mall
2:00 PM Mall of the Emirates
2:00 PM The Dubai Mall
2:00 PM Reel Dine-in The Pointe
2:10 PM The Springs Souk
4:00 PM Reel Platinum Suites The Dubai Mall
4:50 PM Reel Dine-in The Pointe
5:45 PM Cineplex Grand Hyatt
5:45 PM Kids City Centre Ajman
6:20 PM Dubai Marina Mall
6:30 PM THEATRE City Centre Mirdif
6:30 PM THEATRE Mall of the Emirates
6:30 PM THEATRE Nakheel Mall
6:30 PM The Dubai Mall
6:50 PM Dubai Marina Mall
7:40 PM Reel Dine-in The Pointe
7:40 PM The Springs Souk